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Meet The Powerhouse Speakers coming to WBS Dubai 2018

Connecting global blockchain influencers and experts with investors and emerging startups, Trescon’s World Blockchain Summit is back with its Dubai edition this year. The event, which is a part of a global series, is all set to welcome blockchain’s elite squad of speakers, each one with their own profound knowledge and area of expertise with [...]

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An interview with Richard Kastelein, Founder, Blockchain News

Today when the Ransomeware WannaCry has created a global havoc, people have started questioning the defence systems and firewalls that internet provide. Since cyber criminals are becoming extremely intelligent in getting new ways to infiltrate, experts are constantly hunting for a new technology that is more agile than the attackers. And blockchain is the [...]

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Interview with Mirza Ashraf Beg, Head of Treasury & Investment Ops and Islamic Operation, Commercial Bank of Dubai, UAE

As the blockchain revolution takes the world by storm, many government agencies and private players want to know how the potential of blockchain can be best harnessed. Trescon recently interviewed Mirza Ashraf Beg, blockchain expert, and speaker at World Blockchain Summit taking place on 24-25 October 2017 in Dubai, UAE. He gave his insights about the potential [...]

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An exclusive interview with Jake Vartenian, Founder of Cryptodex

Jake Vartanian is the founder of Cryptodex and Habitat Ventures, a contributor to Blockchain News, and an advocate of decentralization since early 2011. He has worked with high profile startups including Bancor, TokenCard and SingularDTV, helping to design token models, telling the stories behind these projects, and building digital ecosystems. Trescon recently got in touch [...]

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An interview with Dr. Sourav Sen Gupta,Visiting Lecturer R C Bose Centre for Cryptology and Security, Indian Statistical Institute

Dr. Sourav Sen Gupta is a researcher, positioned precariously at the confluence of Computer Science, Mathematics and Engineering, and an ardent student of art and science of Cryptology and Information Security. As such he is well-versed regarding the disruptive nature of emerging technologies like blockchain. In an exclusive interview by Fintech Valley Vizag, he [...]

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An exclusive scoop with Larry Bates, Chief Security Officer, Bitland Global

Larry Bates is the CSO of Bitland Global has always been at the forefront of technology and social progress. Mass adoption of new technology is not mere child's play, but he has always strived to be an innovator that not only creates and designs new technology but also be a pioneer who helps to [...]

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How secure is blockchain-based technology

It is never prudent to underestimate the ability of a hacker. One hacker or a small group of hackers can shut down an entire system, lure the unwary into cyber traps, steal millions worth in data and even topple down governments by leaking classified information online. Blockchains alternative approach to storing and sharing information [...]

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Our earlier blogs detailed out Dubai’s interest in Blockchain technology, the three pillars of blockchain implementation, and an understanding of blockchain model – today we intend to dig deeper into the types of blockchain. The reach of Blockchain will go far beyond than what it was intended for. While banking is only the [...]

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Since the arrival of Bitcoin in 2009, blockchain has been its backbone. There has been much written about blockchain that it is not ready and stable to rely upon. The reasons are also well thought out – the need for training people on blockchain, cost of investment in software, time to make all [...]

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